Home Talks: Duistt at Design et all International Design Awards

Home Talks: Duistt at Design et al International Design Awards

We love design and everything related to it. From interiors to home furnishings and decor pieces, we are always looking for the best pieces to add to our portfolio. Today we are really proud to share the news that Duistt, one of the brands we represent, has two unique design pieces shortlisted for the renowned Design et al International Product Design Awards, the Isabella Lounge Chair and Julius Chair.

Created in the city of Porto in 2014 Duistt is a home furnishings brand specialising in upholstery. It combines the uniqueness of handmade craftsmanship inspired by Portuguese tradition, with the best that modern design has to offer. If you want to hear more about this young and vibrant brand, already considered one of the best emerging brands to showcase in the 100% Design this September, sit back and enjoy what founder and designer Olga Torres shared with us in this first Open Plan Living Blog Home Talks.


Home Talks: Duistt at Design et all International Design Awards

The modern and clean lines of the micro-collection JULIUS armchairs are obviously present in this chair.


Home Talks: Duistt at Design et all International Design Awards

Isabella Lounge Chair with its beautiful curved lines and fixed tufted back, makes a statement in any room.


OPL: Duistt was created in 2014 specialising in upholstery. How did this passion start?
OT: I have been working in interior and product design for the last 15 years, so the passion started many years ago. I used to work mostly bespoke and that limits your creativity and your own taste. What I really wanted was to design products according to my own taste.


OPL: On your website you refer that like the city of Porto, Duistt breaths history and modernity. How does the city influence your work?
OT: I love the city of Porto. It is old, with plenty of history, beautiful historic buildings and very interesting modern architecture. The city has a strong connection with the Douro river and the sea. In the last few years the city was brought to life with tourism and building renovation. This mix is one of the main inspirations for Duistt in the sense that the traditional and modern can and must live side by side.


OPL: What’s the importance of handmade work and craftsmanship in Duistt’s portfolio?
OT: As I already said, the mix between the traditional and modern allows us to enhance the final result. By combining the handmade with a contemporary cosmopolitan design one can get a unique final result and pieces that reflect both history and modernity.


OPL: You are considered one of the best emerging brands exhibiting at 100% Design this September. What can we expect from your presence in London this year?
OT: New pieces, with design focused on detail. We continue to work to offer our clients very high quality products, with an elegant timeless design.


OPL: Isabella Lounge Chair and Julius Chair are shortlisted for the International Product Design Awards 2015. What was the inspiration behind both designs?
OT: Isabella Lounge Chair was inspired by a sophisticated cosmopolitan woman, that aims to have a luxury sofa, with signature design, where she can relax after a day of work or recreation.
Julius Chair was inspired by another piece in our collection, the Julius Armchair as well as by mid century design. The finishings in waxed leather and polished brass were inspired by a true gentlemen wearing a golden watch and handmade leather shoes. The velvet version makes the piece more feminine.

If you felt comfortable sitting in Isabella Lounge Chair and Julius Chair whilst reading this article, help us with your vote. Thank you!


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