The Importance Of Lighting In Interiors

Creating an interior scheme that works takes planning. First, you are presented with a blank canvas – or a space that is already decorated, but in need of change – followed by time spent on a rainbow of colours, defining patterns, rich fabrics and favourite furnishings. These are the stages that people will remember, and that will get done. What is sometimes overlooked, however, is the importance of your chosen lighting.

A common misconception is that a light is just a light. But at Kassavello we know how much difference the right lighting can make to a much loved space. Soft lighting, yellow in tint and designed to add ambience may work well in a cosy living space, for example, but perhaps wouldn’t suffice in a photography studio, where lighting must be bright, white, and devoid of mood. Just as white strip lights in the home may not provide the warmth a traditional ceiling light can offer. The lighting you choose can make a world of difference to your finished interior, and can make or break the design.

More than simply offering the right brightness, depth and colours, your chosen light fixtures can add their own elements of beauty to your space. Below, we share some of our most popular pieces:

Available in custom sizes and materials, Duistt’s Rocket Lamp is charming and decorative, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your surroundings.

A rare and beautiful design, the Nymph Chandelier by Koket represents the wild side of life. Dramatic and luxurious, the Nymph is the perfect statement piece for a quirky home.

Versatile and contemporary, the Galliano Wall Light is an expressive design inspired by jazz music. Eye-catching yet subtle, the steel tubes provide a soothing glow, resulting in a romantic lighting effect ideal for the loving home.

Strikingly modern, the Origami Scone Wall Light speaks of character and class, with bespoke options available for that personal touch.

Everything sparkles under this elegant work of art’ is the only way to describe the Waterfall Rectangular – a glamorous yet contemporary display of crystal and brass, and a real talking point for the more discerning dinner party guest.

To view more lighting by wonderful Portuguese designers, take a look through our website. And if you’d like to share your own favourites, please do let us know on Twitter @kassavello – we’d love to hear from you.

Ana & Renata

We are wives, mums, best friends of 25 years and we share a passion for interiors and furniture design. Despite living in two different countries, we decided to embark on the adventure of creating a business together and we are loving it!

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