Mastering the bedroom – creating a personal sanctuary

The bedroom as we know it today has evolved from a somewhat tumultuous and fascinating history that, through previous centuries, has also mirrored the social behaviour and day-to-day lives of the community.  In medieval times there was no concept of privacy with large groups of people living, working and sleeping in the ‘great hall’ of a house.  Only the lord and lady of the house lived in the upper floor – known as ‘the chamber’ but this was by no means private as it also accommodated family, friends and servants as well as business activities.  Through Tudor and Stuart times, the bedroom continued to be a place of enormous importance and a huge amount of money was spent crafting and designing the bed, which was also taken away when travelling.  Often a third of a family’s wealth was spent on the bed which was passed down through generations.  


The Georgian period of the 18th century saw houses developed with internal staircases and hallways and servants now had their own quarters providing much greater privacy.  Power was transferred to parliament and other public places so business and the ‘drama of the bedroom’ subdued into a quieter and more contemplative place.  The Victorian era saw a much greater emphasis on design and décor including the introduction of curtains and blinds whilst the 20th century brought a multitude of technological innovations into the bedroom such as electricity, coiled mattresses and the duvet!  Today bedrooms retain a sense of importance but in a far more contemplative and indulgent manner. Comfort, relaxation and an innate sense of calm are key to creating a personal sanctuary.  Here are some of our top tips for mastering the perfect bedroom.


Flexible layered lighting

Whilst the primary purpose of a bedroom is to sleep, there are a multitude of various functions that also take place within this fundamental space.  A central chandelier, table lamps, wall lights and floor lamps when carefully combined allow for varying levels of layered lighting that offer flexibility for different functions – reading, relaxation, dressing and getting ready for the day ahead.  They can also be fundamental to the design aesthetic of the space introducing elegance, flair and style through form and decorative finish.  


We adore the grace and beauty of the Nymph chandelier, a statement light which pays homage to the delicate silhouette of the butterfly.  With finishes in either polished brass or copper plated brass the appliqué elements of this exquisite piece would add a wonderous focal point to any bedroom.  


A floor lamp placed next to chair can create a beautiful corner to read and relax.  There is no finer example than the magnificent presence of the Babel floor lamp.


Organic crystals hang delicately from a brass structure which in turn is supported by a chic nero marquina stone base – a timeless and enduring piece.


Whilst table lamps provide a practical solution to bedside illumination a pair of hanging pendants can add a refined and unusual touch to a scheme.  Our Brubeck pendants are a perfect example.  Art Deco design encapsulated through a cluster of tubular elements gives a sculptural appeal to these pieces which are available in a wide range of finishes. 



Elegant storage 

From bedside tables to consoles, through to armoires and dressing tables, bedroom storage can add a layer of depth, texture and interest to a bedroom through a myriad of design details and finishes.  


Taking a twist on the classic nightstand design our bespoke Rosewood bedside table exudes style and intrigue. With an antique brass structure, sleek radio wave base and chic rosewood finish these pieces would flank any bed with panache.


The elegant tapered legs of the Spear console make it a perfect addition to a boudoir space.  Tastefully designed with a diverse array of materials, brass, wood, leather and marble combine with grace and flair to deliver luxury and practicality combined.


Whilst bespoke joinery is infinitely sleek and practical, a handful of freestanding stylish pieces can create a huge amount of impact to a scheme.  The Waltz dresser is a perfect example blending luxury finishes with spacious storage.  Walnut root wood sits harmoniously beside smoked glass and polished brass – a truly chic and commanding piece.



Sumptuous seating

If space allows, it’s a real indulgence to include some seating within the bedroom – from a small dressing stool, through to a bench or even paired armchairs and a coffee table – there are a multitude of possibilities to add sumptuous comfort to different areas within the space.



Luxurious and versatile, the Dawn bench is an ideal way to add a glamorous touch and decadent materials to the bedroom.  Velvet, fur and bronze combine sensual finishes with modern shapes – a truly exquisite piece.


Taking inspiration from the Olympus age of startlets and spotlights, the alluring Escape stool is both stylish and functional.  A geometric cut out brass base makes way for a textural seat with foam top providing comfortable seating for any dressing table.  



Svelte lines and a feminine silhouette encapsulate the essence of the Naomi chair.  The perfect addition to a bedroom corner or paired up to create a conversational niche, the plush upholstery and chic lacquered legs of this armchair add opulence and glamour in abundance. 

A luxurious and indulgent bedframe

The central focal point of any master suite is naturally the bed and bedframe and with so much innovation within this design space it can be hard to select the perfect piece.  These are two of our absolute favourites for creating the ultimate luxurious bedroom.  


The lux and bodacious Kelly bed reminds us of the cool girl sipping cosmos in the dark corner of a chic New York bar.  Fluid curves are harmoniously matched by sumptuous pleated waves of supple velvet upholstery.  An astonishing and commanding piece.

The Cyprus, is an impeccably crafted bed which combines contemporary design with a mid-century twist.  Brass accents and velvet upholstery exude sophistication with a modern sensibility.  A unique and stunning bed which would beautifully adorn the grandest of bedrooms. 


If you’re looking for further bedroom inspiration then please take a look at our website. Alternatively, if you are looking to add a unique and personal touch to a master suite then our bespoke service is here to help you.  Please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

Ana & Renata

We are wives, mums, best friends of 25 years and we share a passion for interiors and furniture design. Despite living in two different countries, we decided to embark on the adventure of creating a business together and we are loving it!

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