Mastering The Cosy Reading Nook

During Summer the skies are blue, the sun is shining, and everywhere we turn the colours of nature in bloom inspire our senses, making us want to create, to play, to master great design. But despite the occasional heatwave and the smell of sun cream out in the streets, at home, once nightfall comes, we are craving what we have always craved – a cosy corner to call our own.

Here at Kassavello, we truly appreciate the power of quiet time, and of spending said quiet time in beautiful yet deliciously comfortable surroundings. And we love a good story – no matter how it’s told, whether it’s words or pictures, we’re fans of so many narratives… This is why we love a reading nook. We know it’s not just us that feels this way which is why, below, we have shared some of the pieces we believe could make your own reading nook dreams a reality:

Fitting perfectly in both timeless and modern interiors, Mr Jones Armchair is classically influenced, and endlessly chic. Comfortable yet stylish, the chair is handcrafted in Portugal and provides the perfect single occupancy seating area for any avid reader.

If you’re one of those who likes to be extra comfy while reading your favourite book in silence, we introduce you to the Belly Chair. It is inspired by the beginning of life, the pregnant belly. Therefore, safety and comfort are the central features of this piece. With innovative upholstery techniques, we got an exceptional result of comfort and well-being, as if we were returning to a distant time in our memory where we felt protected and cosy!

The Nukie Armchair is a midcentury-inspired statement armchair that will add interest to any corner of your home, especially the reading corner. This striking chair is masterfully crafted by Portuguese artisans, upholstered in velvet, and American walnut base with polished brass details.


There is nothing like being in of our favourite cosy reading chairs tucked into the perfect reading nook for hours at a time. The Ida Armchair is the epitome of comfort and sophistication. Soft, plump cushions in the back and base make a comfortable seating solution whilst maintaining an elegant feel.

This practical Ellen Side Table was made for book lovers. The Eileen side tables are formed with strong lines and asymmetrical bases that exude impact whilst our exclusive striking lacquer finish packs a punch of vibrant colour. The perfect pieces to elevate any scheme.


Every good reading session needs a comforting hot drink. And where better to rest your choice than on our meticulously designed Tambor coffee table? Bespoke and handcrafted, this table is an elegant addition to your reading nook décor. 

The Copacabana bookcase is the perfect way to store your favourite stories. Sit your books alongside fresh flowers and – on the top shelf – a favourite scented candle for a truly calming ambience.

Every reading nook worth the characters it houses has the benefit of good lighting. The Sinatra Floor Lamp, a sculptural and versatile creation, provides just that… And we love to curl up under it at the end of a long week, ready to lose ourselves in other worlds.

If you’re looking for ideas, then head to our website or contact our team.  We would love to hear from you.

Ana & Renata

We are wives, mums, best friends of 25 years and we share a passion for interiors and furniture design. Despite living in two different countries, we decided to embark on the adventure of creating a business together and we are loving it!

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