Bracara Bookshelf 1603

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Works well as a free standing piece of furniture as well as against a wall.

A simple and very functional shelf. Traditional knowledge and artisanal techniques are used to join the wood, no metal fixings.
Different height and length options available.
Can be complemented with different accessories, from simple trays to lacquered modules with drawers. Accessories available.

Structure in 20mm oak, extra matt varnish. Shelves lacquered in colour ref. White 16.

With: 240cms| 94,4” Depth: 42cms | 16,5” Heigth: 180cms |70,8”
Lead Time:
5-6 weeks

Design by:

JP Pereira for Paularte

Cinnemon Oak 5
Ebony Oak 4
Grey Oak 25
Natural Oak3
Arena 12
Blue Marine 11
Grey 30
Red 20
Strong blue13
White 16

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