The Future of Custom Design

In 1858 English couturier Charles Frederick Worth established the first haute couture house in Paris, championing made to order luxury fashion for elite women who could afford to indulge in a service that offered them a unique opportunity to channel their style DNA.  As the lines between fashion and interior design have blurred and interwoven over the proceeding years 2020 has brought the design industry to a point where, for the discerning client, their home demands to be as well dressed and exclusive as their couture wardrobe.   Not only that, but as well as creating a canvas for the ultimate in creative self-expression, the home has also become an opportunity for the client to own a narrative around their design choices – why did they choose particular materials for a bespoke piece of furniture, how has that piece been made and by whom?  The more exclusive and interesting the narrative, the more value it can have to the client – a reflection of their elite status and ability to tap into the very best of creative craftsmanship.


Bespoke sideboard created for a private residential project with integrated brass bookholders

Couture Furniture

At Kassavello we are witnessing a subtle but consistent change in the requests that come through to us for bespoke furniture.  There is less of a desire to imitate classic and well-loved pieces but more of a wish to be inspired by design fundamentals that are then tweaked and refined to include innovative materials, shapes, and finishes reminiscent of the couture fashion process.  Working with a team of highly trusted and skilled artisans we thrive on these collaborative conversations, carefully discussing what is technically possible and offering suggestions for amendments to elevate a piece to the next level. 

This bespoke bedside table was inspired by classic design lines and took inspiration from the current trend for a cane but was carefully designed by Pandora Taylor for asymmetrical balance and unique aesthetic.


Retro bedside table with cane detailing and asymmetrical balance- designed by Pandora Taylor and available to purchase through their website.


Innovative use of traditional materials

With sustainability at the top of the global agenda, longevity is more important than ever.  Clients are less likely to invest in throwaway pieces that they will change on a whim every couple of years but are much more likely to consider the ways in which a piece can warrant heirloom status – something so unique that it will be treasured for many years and generations to come.  The materials might be classic stone, brass or veneer, but the way in which they are manipulated or applied are such that the piece becomes one of a kind and therefore irreplaceable.  Our artisan team love the challenge of innovation and frequently develop new techniques such as this organic hand-hammered brass to add an exclusive dimension to a classic design.


Marble coffee table with hand-beaten brass frame


Sculptural forms
We are also witnessing a growing trend towards the use of unusual and unique shapes, sculptural forms which offer an antithesis to the rigidity of the screen-obsessed age.  Curves and arches that mould to the human body and reflect the organic contours of the natural world or quirky geometric shapes completely reimagined.  The striking design for many of these pieces means that they are not only functional but also artworks in their own right – furniture to be admired as much as the paintings and sculptures within a space.

Off-beat geometric dining table – bespoke Kassavello commission by Homes One Interiors

The resurgence of colour and pattern

After almost a decade of clean lines and neutral plates, there is an enthusiastic revival of joyous colour, pattern and textiles.  Free-spirited block colours evoke passionate emotions and create visual theatricality.  Here at Kassavello, we are increasingly being asked to embellish schemes with colour through key accessories such as bespoke rugs, cushions or trim detailing such as fringing or beading.

Bold rust orange accents adorn the bespoke bedside table and bed completed for a recent residential project


With an ever-changing world post-covid, it’s impossible to predict the long-term impact of such drastic changes to our day-to-day lives but one thing is for certain – couture design and bespoke furniture will continue to offer huge scope for reinterpreting and shaping creative expression within luxury interior design. If you’d like to learn more about Kassavello’s bespoke services please head to the bespoke section on our website or get in touch we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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We are wives, mums, best friends of 25 years and we share a passion for interiors and furniture design. Despite living in two different countries, we decided to embark on the adventure of creating a business together and we are loving it!


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