Hotel Chic comes home

2018 saw 1.4 billion international tourist arrivals globally – that’s the number of trips taken abroad for holidays/leisure time. Even more remarkably, it’s a rate that’s steadily growing by an average of 4% per year. If you add on business trips and staycations, where holidaymakers choose to stay in their own country, it’s not surprising that there is a phenomenal momentum within the residential design to emulate the sleek finishes and elegant aesthetic design of five-star hotels. Increasingly, interior designers are being asked by clients to directly replicate a particular hotel suite or to source a piece of furniture that they fell in love with in the lobby or hotel bar. At Kassavello we are fortunate enough to source pieces for both commercial and residential projects and often see trends bridging the two before they are filtered down to the high street.

The reasons why residential clients want to emulate hotel design are hugely varied but more often than not, they are instinctively trying to recreate a feeling, a nostalgic state of relaxation or happiness that they felt in a perfectly furnished space. Emulating that sense of indulgence is the Malaquite daybed – sumptuous and oversized, a real statement piece that oozes hotel chic and would elevate any master bedroom or drawing-room.


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If you’re seeking to replicate the shimmering aura of an opulent hotel corridor then a well-placed console is key. The sinuous and elegant lines of the Infinity console fit the bill perfectly – with a geometric ebony mosaic top and curved copper leaf base, it’s a piece that would look stunning in either a modern or classic setting.

For those travelers who delight in classically inspired surroundings steeped in history, there is nothing more thrilling than retuning home with treasured artifacts and trinkets reminiscent of a special moment in time. For those seeking to replicate hotel-chic-comes-home6the elegant cabinets of the finest hotels in which to display those treasures, there is no better match than the striking Palace Display Unit. Designed with 17th-century classicism at its heart the Palace evokes a time when princesses were carried in carriages with an almost identical frame. Composed of Mahogany and clear glass, two smoked glass shelves allow ample display space where objects are perfectly reflected in the smoked mirror back. Two discreet drawers and polished brass handles complete the look.

Striking lighting has the power to turn a space from ordinary into extraordinary, a considered feature in all communal spaces within leading hotels. A particular trick is to use multiple pendants or suspended lines whereby lighting intertwines with art and creates an exquisite focal point above a table or a particular area of the room.

Inspired by the expressive nature of jazz music, the Coltrane suspension light is highly versatile and can be grouped together at adjustable inclines via innovative magnetic cables. Available in a wide variety of finishes through gold, grey, and white, the Coltrane drives impact like no other.

What hotel vision is complete without a resplendent bed. The lux and bodacious Kelly Bed is the epitome of the cool girl sipping Cosmos in the dark corner of a chic New York lounge. Fluid curves are harmoniously matched by sumptuous pleated waves of supple velvet – a bed that simply exudes presidential suite status.


To see our full collection of unique pieces or to view some of our bespoke commissions that have been inspired by the finest hotel stays, take a look through our website. And if you’d like to share your own favorites, please do let us know on Twitter @kassavello – we’d love to hear from you.

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