How to find the perfect boardroom table?

The boardroom as we know it today has been in existence since the early 17th century providing a place for people to gather together, delegate authority, and ensure that the workings of society or business are carried out efficiently and effectively.  Square tables within the boardroom have traditionally reinforced the power dynamics of a leadership team – at the head of the table you carry an unspoken message of leadership and control whilst in a middle seat you are collaborative, approachable, and a team player.  Round tables tend to create an atmosphere of relaxed informality, ideal for promoting discussion and teamwork although interestingly by moving the chair back a little, in either setting, you can claim a psychological advantage with regards to status and authority.

perfect boardroom table

The unique conference table used to sign the treaty of Versailles at the end of World War 1

In today’s changing climate, business structures have become far more collaborative and open.  Companies are often pursuing high levels of creative thinking to stay one step ahead of an ever-evolving marketplace and as such is seeking a dynamic and welcoming space in which to gather, discuss, and debate.  When considering options for a new boardroom table the possibilities to reinterpret the space through color, shape, form, and materials are tantalizing.  Here we share some of our favorites and offer a glimpse into the possibilities for a bespoke design.


The Geometry Table

Bringing allure and sophistication to a boardroom where key clients may be hosted, the Geometry table demands attention thanks to its unique design which combines traditional Portuguese marquetry techniques with contemporary lines.  Polished brass detailing creates a sleek base with plenty of room for statement chairs.  Bespoke sizing and finishes are available including stone and lacquered wood.

Sleek Table

Clean lines and balanced proportions ensure that the natural beauty of this walnut table with carved brass leg detail demands attention.  Impressive and timeless, with an underlying gravitas that would bring presence to the most important boardroom gatherings.  A bespoke piece hand-crafted by our expert team, this table and can be modified or adapted to suit aesthetic preferences and practical needs.

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Refined circular table

For a creative space where a circular table is required to drive collaborative conversation, there is a multitude of options available in terms of materials and design.  Smart and elegant, the complex base for this bespoke model was seamlessly interpreted into skilled brass work by our artisans and topped off with beautifully polished oak.

Ribbon Table

The organic twists and turns of this rhythmic table and delicately adorned in metal leaf creating a real statement for the most prestigious of boardrooms.  The playful base is topped with a pristine rectangular top.  At 200cm wide, this table is perfect for exclusive meetings within exquisite settings.

Spectacular Walnut Table

The craftsmanship that takes your breath away – this bespoke highly polished walnut table would be at home in the most esteemed of boardrooms. Painstakingly hand finished over several weeks this magnificent piece perfectly illustrates the dedication of our artisan team.  Available in any size, wood, or finish.

If you are specifying for a commercial workspace project and need assistance with sourcing a unique conference table or any other associated pieces do get in touch – we would be delighted to hear from you.

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