Introducing Kassavello

Our heritage is an important part of who we are, and our name, Kassavello, is a reflection of that heritage. But we weren’t always called Kassavello. Starting out life in 2015, our brand began as ‘Open Plan Living’ – a name that worked well for a while, but that eventually made us feel boxed in.

Why? Because it didn’t project our vision. As best friends, we share a passion for interior design, and for the beautiful pieces that make that design complete. We combined our love for design to become a specialist supplier of exclusive furniture and accessories, all of which are designed and manufactured in our native land, Portugal. Open Plan Living was not a name that reflected these important roots. Kassavello (Kassa- casa- home; vello- veleiro – sail boat) leaves us with a stronger sense of self.

And so we decided to make the change we needed to make, and rebrand. This is a part of our evolution, and is as interesting as it is exciting. We have grown alongside our wonderful clients over the years, and have loved collaborating in their projects, helping them to find the ideal Portuguese piece to complete their interior scheme. We look forward to continuing with this under our new name. We are still experts in Portuguese furniture design and accessories. We are still Ana and Renata. But we are no longer Open Plan Living – we are Kassavello, and we couldn’t be happier with the change.

Ana & Renata

We are wives, mums, best friends of 25 years and we share a passion for interiors and furniture design. Despite living in two different countries, we decided to embark on the adventure of creating a business together and we are loving it!

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