If you’re investing in high quality furniture, it’s wise not to get too hung up about the looks that are currently in vogue and focus instead on styles you know you’ll love forever. But that’s not to say fashion focussed homeowners must turn their back on trends. The key to staying eternally stylish is knowing the difference between a passing fad and a classic keeper.

To help you navigate the turbulent waters of interior fashion, we’ve rounded up six super trends which we believe are here for the long haul:

1) Green

Is dark the new light? Should we re-think pink? Colours come and go, and in the interiors world, perhaps even more-so than in the fashion arena, it can feel like you’re constantly playing catch up. After all, by the time the sofa you ordered in that achingly cool shade of ochre arrives, there is sure to be a new season hue stepping into the limelight. Green however will go the distance. In fact, if you need convincing that this year’s Pantone colour of the year has a long term future, all you have to do is look outside. Greenery goes with everything and is a great way to bring coherence to both your indoor and outdoor spaces. What’s more, green signifies refreshment and revitalisation which every home thrives on, so from fresh lime greens to rich jewel emeralds, this is the colour that will always work on walls, floors or furniture.

The Soneto armchair looks especially lush dressed in glamorous green.

2) Navy

Once an interior no-no, deep navy blue is now the height of sophistication and paint companies continue to report that this strong and masculine shade is amongst their best selling colours. Navy makes for an equally classy choice when used in upholstery, where paired with sharp lines it cuts a seriously sartorial figure.

The Sinfonia armchair has a Donald Draper style dominance to it

3) Artisan

The craft of furniture making is rightfully back where it belongs – in the spotlight. Passion and quality has taken precedence over production speed and the furniture industry has come full circle with consumers seeking more ethical lifestyle choices and moving away from throwaway fashion. As a result, we are seeing an experimental phase in terms of material choices that has not been enjoyed on this scale since the Arts and Crafts movement. Artisans are indulging traditional manufacturing processes but bringing them up to date with new material combinations. The result brings new and exciting choice to the furniture market  – along with some show stopping statement pieces that are really causing a stir. The message for the future? Buy Less, but Buy Well.

Our Titan cabinet mixes elements of brass, marble and leather with a super seductive burgundy lacquer interior.

4) Raw White

The shift towards a more natural, handmade aesthetic in furniture design has automatically paved the way for soft, raw white fabrics and materials to enjoy a comeback. This look is all about celebrating imperfection; it resonates peacefulness and a natural, organic approach to living. Layering soft whites with pale greys keeps this look fresh and informal. In an increasingly chaotic political and economic climate, it seems that homeowners are welcoming an opportunity for calm.

The Julius caned armchair is cool, calm and sophisticated.

5) Texture

Without texture a scheme can look bland and one dimensional, whereas a subtle mix of materials provides a luxurious and well considered aesthetic. The 2017 furniture shows were full of fabrics and materials designed to be touched, stroked and enjoyed. Brushed brass detailing could be found on table legs and light fightings, whilst luxe wallpapers and soft furnishings provided inspiration for creating truly inviting living spaces. Experts predict texture is here to stay, so prepare for all of the Hygge hype of last winter … and then some.

The Julius small dining chair is petite in proportion but big in style

6) Marble and Brass

Seen as the power couple of 2017, marble and brass is a marriage made in interior heaven. The femininity of natural white marble, paired with handsome brass has well and truly captured our hearts. And with a piece like this Arabescato and Brass coffee table in your home, of course we predict a happy ever after!

Marble and Brass unite in the Arabescato coffee table.

Are you looking to furnish a living or commercial space and strike the right balance between style and substance? We are here to help, please contact us on 07941091352 to discuss your latest project.

Ana & Renata

We are wives, mums, best friends of 25 years and we share a passion for interiors and furniture design. Despite living in two different countries, we decided to embark on the adventure of creating a business together and we are loving it!

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