Top 10 UK interior design blogs to follow today

One thing we really love in the world of decor and interiors is the diversity of styles and endless possibilities for every home. Interior design blogs make an important contribution, not only with their insightful commentary but also their constant quest to uncover new trends,  bringing readers daily inspiration.

We love interior design blogs (something that we do every day!) and some of the very best come from the UK. Colourful, exciting, with plenty of character and full of the latest trends – here are the top 10 UK interior design blogs for you to follow this year.

* The blogs are presented in no particular order.

1 // My House Candy

For interiors writer, Claire Price, House Candy can be anything from a luxurious item of designer furniture to a a vintage vase picked up from a charity shop. In 2015 she started her fabulous blog documenting the mix of details that give an interior personality and add character, providing an entertaining take on furnishing a fashionable family home.

2 // Interior Style Hunter

Interior Style Hunter is the award winning London based interior design blog dedicated to giving design and lifestyle inspiration.

Having trained as an Interior Designer and Interior Stylist at Central Saint Martins in London in 2014/15 and followed up with training from KLC School of Design, Grant set up the Interior Style Hunter as a way to share his passion and knowledge of interior design with the aim of helping his readers become more confident in creating beautiful spaces.

3 // Swoon Worthy

The Swoon Worthy is the home of eclectic boho glam and the place to be if you are looking for authentic home advice. The founder, Kimberly Duran, considers herself an unashamed maximalist and we thank her for that. It’s wonderful to be inspired by passionate people and Kimberly is absolutely passionate about interiors.

4 // Abigail Ahern

Stylish Abigail Ahern is one of the most influential designers out there right now, and her blog is living proof that, when it comes to interior design, passion is everything! Abigail’s eclectic style is evident throughout the entire blog, from the creativity of her writing to the delightful images she uses. A blog you’ll never want to leave – just like the perfect home where you want to stay forever.

5 // Lobster and Swan

Entering the Lobster and Swan is just like entering a friend’s home: you’ll feel welcome and comfortable from the start. From favourite recipes and decorating ideas to daily discoveries and inspirations – Jeska will share everything that inspires her.

6 // Sarah Akwisombe

Sarah Akwisombe’s blog is perfect if you are looking for bold colourful advice. Forget all the don’ts in home decor and discover a world where your personality inspires new possibilities. Sarah loves to make a statement and that’s why her blog is considered one of the best current interior design blogs.

7 // Pippa Jameson

If you are looking for experienced professional advice, then you should definitely follow Pippa Jameson, one of the leading UK interior stylists and founder of one of the most inspiring interior design blogs. Founded in 2008, Pippa’s blog is a place where she shares her knowledge and the latest trends for you to follow.

8 // The Ordinary Lovely

The Ordinary Lovely is Rachael’s diary and the place to celebrate all the small things from every day life. From lifestyle to travel and home interiors, Rachel inspires us with every single word. Because little things are sometimes the best, sit back and enjoy your daily dose of inspiration.

9 // Mad about the House

Founded by award winning interiors journalist Kate Watson-Smyth, Mad about the House began as a forum to show all the wonderful things that Kate couldn’t find room for in her news articles. With a highly curated image, Mad about the House makes us wish we had 10 homes to use all of her wonderful ideas.

10 // Bodie and Fou

Founded in 2007 by blogger Karine Candice Kong, who has a passion for white interiors, Bodie and Fou offers us a careful selection of beautiful  white interiors. So if you are looking for a minimalist yet sophisticated inspiration, Bodie and Fou is the place to be.

Special New York City based Blog

10+1 //Bright Bazaar

He’s bright, he’s colourful, he’s Will. Founded in 2009, Bright.Bazaar is the place to be if you want colour filled ideas and make-you-smile style inspirations for your home. Bearing in mind that beige is boring, Will Taylor creates an inspirational world with colour at the centre . For 7 years Will has been engaging an army of colour lovers and today Bright.Bazaar is considered one of the best interior design blogs in the world.

Ana & Renata

We are wives, mums, best friends of 25 years and we share a passion for interiors and furniture design. Despite living in two different countries, we decided to embark on the adventure of creating a business together and we are loving it!

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  • Eugene
    Posted at 08:52h, 10 December Reply

    Diversiteit in stijlen en eindeloze mogelijkheden maken de wereld van decor en interieurdesign zo boeiend. Interieurblogs dragen hier belangrijk aan bij met hun inzichtelijke commentaren en constante zoektocht naar nieuwe trends, en bieden dagelijks inspiratie aan hun lezers. Hier zijn de top 10 UK interieurdesignblogs die u dit jaar moet volgen:

    1. **My House Candy** – Claire Price documenteert de mix van details die een interieur persoonlijkheid en karakter geven, van luxe designmeubels tot vintage vondsten.

    2. **Interior Style Hunter** – Deze bekroonde blog uit Londen is gewijd aan het geven van design- en levensstijlinspiratie, opgericht door Grant, opgeleid aan Central Saint Martins en KLC School of Design.

    3. **Swoon Worthy** – Voor authentiek huisadvies met een eclectische boho glam stijl, is Swoon Worthy de plek om te zijn. Opgericht door Kimberly Duran, een zelfverklaarde maximalist.

    4. **Abigail Ahern** – Bekend om haar invloedrijke en eclectische stijl, toont Abigail Ahern haar passie voor interieurdesign op haar inspirerende blog.


    **Lobster and Swan** – Jeska’s blog is als het betreden van het huis van een vriend: verwelkomend en comfortabel, vol favoriete recepten, decoratie-ideeën en dagelijkse ontdekkingen.

    6. **Sarah Akwisombe** – Als je op zoek bent naar gewaagd, kleurrijk advies, is Sarah Akwisombe’s blog perfect. Ze houdt ervan statements te maken en laat zien hoe je persoonlijkheid je interieur kan inspireren.

    7. **Pippa Jameson** – Voor professioneel advies van een van de toonaangevende Britse interieurstylisten, volg Pippa Jameson, die haar kennis en de nieuwste trends deelt op haar inspirerende blog.

    8. **The Ordinary Lovely** – Rachael’s dagboek waarin ze de kleine dingen van het dagelijks leven viert, van lifestyle tot reizen en interieurinspiraties.

    9. **Mad About The House** – Opgericht door de bekroonde interieurjournalist Kate Watson-Smyth, een forum voor alle prachtige ideeën die ze niet in haar artikelen kwijt kan.

    10. **Bodie and Fou** – Opgericht in 2007 door Karine Candice Kong, die een passie heeft voor witte interieurs, biedt een zorgvuldige selectie van prachtige witte interieurs.

    **Speciale vermelding voor New York City:**
    10+1. **Bright Bazaar** – Opgericht in 2009 door Will Taylor, een kleurrijk en inspirerend blog met kleur als middelpunt.

    Deze blogs bieden een schat aan inspiratie en expertise op het gebied van interieurdesign. Voor soortgelijke professionele en technologische oplossingen in residentieel ontwerp en constructie, kunt u overwegen de diensten van [Big Hills Construction]( te verkennen.

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