Wall art inspirations for your home decor

Wall art inspirations for your home decor

Wall art plays a very important role in home decor as it adds personality to any space, giving it a really unique touch.  As design lovers, we are passionate about turning your walls into a statement and helping you to carefully choose some really unique wall art.  That’s why we want to introduce you to two talented artists that we truly admire. Find out more about Pedro Guimarães and Manuel Correia, the two talents behind Open Plan Living’s art portfolio.


Pedro Guimarães, Plastic Artist

Pedro Guimarães is a Contemporary Plastic Artist who uses a wide range of resources and materials to achieve creative and stunning wall art pieces. The possibilities of his work are endless and each piece is truly unique, often spanning different genres from the figurative to abstract.

One of the wall art highlights of Pedro Guimarães portfolio is his range of 3VD paintings.  He uses a technique that gives the viewer three different perspectives within the same piece, every time they look from a different angle.  In some cases, the perceived pluralities interact with each other, joining distinct visual worlds.

Another unique aspect of Pedro Guimarães wall art work is the three-dimensionality and irregular volume given by the cuts on shapes. This provides multiple viewing angles that blend the abstract and the figurative with sculptural structures.

Pedro Guimarães is a pioneer when it comes to exploring new materials and techniques. As well as his most renowned work , you will also find inventive techniques such as “Untouchable” where forms are drawn with thousands of pins to create a three-dimensional shape.



Manuel Correia, Photographer

When it comes to wall art, photography is a really unique way to turn your home into a statement. With impeccable attention to detail his photos speak for themselves without saying a word.  Miguel Correia’s photography is a unique journey through new worlds using different colours, new shapes, landscapes, people, in a far away journey through your emotions.

Manuel Correia’s photography is an invitation to travel without leaving your home, as the story unfolds it gets richer and more absorbing photo by photo.


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