Kuwait Villa Project

Kuwait – a country steeped in tradition but led by contemporary vision with an appetite for the very finest design and craftsmanship.  We at  Kassavello have been fascinated by this beautiful country for some time so it was a “hugely exciting opportunity” to help a client seeking to furnish her new family villa in Kuwait with the finest items from the Covet portfolio. 

“As a brand partner of the Covet group we are privileged to have access to a diverse range of exquisite and unique furniture and lighting.  To be able to collaborate with a client as passionate as we are about these products created the perfect partnership.”  Ana & Renata, Co-Founders, Kassavello.

Collaborative consultation

The design process began with a series of in-depth conversations with the client regarding the property, the family’s practical needs, and their aesthetic preferences. Whilst the client already had several specific items in mind that she was looking to include, we wanted to ensure that the scheme would be cohesive and have a sense of flow across all of the rooms and spaces through the specification of shape, style, and colour.  Initial discussions helped to define the concept for the project which was based on the bold hues of precious stones interspersed with the elegance of cut glass and the grandeur of exaggerated dimension and form.  Our interior designer also drew up technical layouts and furniture plans for each area in the villa thereby optimizing the space.

Lighting fit for a queen

With high ceilings and generous proportions, the villa was perfect for a series of dramatic chandeliers and wall lights.  The impact was planned to begin as soon as the front door was opened with the iconic Empire suspension light majestically hanging in the hallway providing dazzling form and sparkle to space.  Complementing this centrepiece were two empire wall lights that flanked the entrance to the formal living space.  The flowing lines of the sinuous console were an elegant addition to the entrance hall providing the perfect place to style family heirlooms.   


Driving impact through bold design

The formal living room was the perfect backdrop to indulge in the client’s passion for bold design whilst facilitating the development of our concept based on the pure hues of precious jewels.  The Merfilus rug provided the starting point for the scheme. Based on the calming rhythm of water movement the organic pattern makes a statement like no other and was the impeccable base for an elegant arrangement of Maree sofas, Begonia armchairs, and the Wave coffee tables.  The texturally structured Robin mirror was added to create a dynamic focal point in the space, whilst the balanced placement of Newton wall lights created a visual rhythm.



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Designing bespoke pieces

As well as selecting standard pieces from the wealth of Covet’s catalog, we worked to develop some bespoke pieces that would be unique to the client and add an element of exclusivity to the project.  In the family living area, new finishes were specified for the Lallan coffee table including a Carrara marble top, a grey RAL base, and brushed brass detailing which perfectly complimented other elements of the décor such as a marble feature wall as well as other freestanding items such as the sleek Botti side table.


A more ambitious proposition was the development of the design for a 4m long version of the Bonsai table for the formal dining room.  The organic properties of the black lacquer particleboard were extremely appealing to the client and contrasted beautifully against the symmetry of the limited-edition symphony cabinets at the end of the room.  The design challenge of creating such a large table was one which the Covet team relished and, notwithstanding the difficulties of transporting and installing such a statement piece (!), it was a joy to behold when placed in the space alongside the glamorous velvet upholstered Kansas dining chairs and the sparkling beauty of the Empire suspension light.


Creating an elegant sanctuary

With a large family and busy lives, the master bedroom would be a real sanctuary within the property and one which needed to be restful and refined in equal measure.  Taking the soft curve of the Kelly bed as a starting point layers of smooth velvet upholstery were combined with refined geometry to create an unashamedly luxurious retreat.  The unique diamond nightstands flank either side of the room grounding the scheme and complementing the elegant lines of the Prive day bed and comfortable seating area comprised of two Maya armchairs and the stunning Empire coffee table.  The Spear console provides a place for treasured ornaments whilst the Explosion mirror adds drama and impact. 


Developing a scheme from a star piece

Oftentimes a client will fall in love with a star item of furniture from which the surrounding scheme can be built. In this instance, the classic lines of the Boulevard writing desk were an integral part of the client’s vision for their home office.  Composed of solid wood, black leather detailing, and a translucent black shelving unit it really is a star in its own right so it was important to add in items that would not detract from its impact but rather would set off its charm and features.  The aged brass Ike floor lamp with its heritage design coupled with the sophistication of the Miles table lamp was the perfect partner for this timeless space.   


Delivery and installation

The rooms and pieces featured show only a fraction of the items used to furnish this stunning villa.  In total over 100 items were checked, packed, and shipped to their final destination where our team painstakingly oversaw the logistics and installation of each piece ensuring quality was not compromised through shipment and that the furniture and lighting were installed exactly to the original specification and met with the client’s expectations.


The Kassavello team

The furniture and lighting used in the Kuwait villa project represent a small percentage of the curated products available from Covet’s elite brands through Kassavello. With extensive knowledge of the portfolio of brands and a team of professional interior designers at our helm, we are able to advise on the procurement of individual items through to support with end to end interior design for large scale projects.  More information on their services can be found on their website www.kassavello.com .


Renata Teixeira and Ana Azevedo, founders of Kassavello


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